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Payment Services

Connecting you to Credit Card, Wire Transfer, and APM solutions.

KYC Tools

“Know Your Customer” with the most innovative systems available.


Business Technologies

We will identify and provide the right match to keep you ahead of the game.


The PayMatch Mission
to Your Success

PayMatch is bridging the gap between your business and the financial institutions you choose to operate with. Our team has worked closely together with our partners to create quality, long lasting relationships which stand the test of time, with a sole focus on trust.

In a world where financial regulation is constantly changing, we are always adapting to the needs of the market with a surplus of new technologies that better serve both businesses and their customers. No matter what vertical your business associates with, we can actively define an appropriate solution that meets the constantly-changing demands of the global marketplace. Keep your operations ahead of the curve by allowing us to serve you in maintaining your financial and technical solutions current.


So, how do we operate?

Our role at PayMatch is to connect your business with the most appropriate and beneficial financial solution from our vast network of trusted providers. We take the long process of searching, analysing and eliminating out of your hands by understanding your business goals, budget requirements and market placement - thereby connecting you to a solution that suits your business.

In short: We at PayMatch are your one-stop financial hub, bringing transparency and trust to a challenging business world. Our team is always engaging both new and valuable partners to our network, so we can best serve our ever growing client base.


Services & Solutions

Payment Services


Connecting you to Credit Card, Wire Transfer, and APM Solutions.


Traditional bank or fintech solution? We’ll help you decide on the most trusted partner based on your location, vertical and ultimate goals.


What kind of Payment Solutions Provider is right for your operation? Use our vast network of providers to see who matches your needs appropriately.


Which e-wallet service can best suit your market(s)? Our extensive list of e-wallet partners makes it easier for your customers to make payments from anywhere.


Does your business require an Electronic Money Institution? We can assist you in acquiring electronic money/prepaid solutions for your processes.

KYC Tools


“Know Your Customer” with the most innovative systems available.

State-of-the-art systems from our KYC partners will ensure your business is fully compliant with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) laws and requirements, guaranteeing risk-free business operations. Implementing effective KYC tools helps you to identify your customer and understand the nature of their activities, thereby securing legitimate funds from the source.


The KYC tools offered by our trusted partners include Customer Identifications Programs and Customer Due Diligence with ongoing monitoring, while also providing Corporate KYC procedures. You can also reap the benefits of Electronic KYC Verification (eKYC) for the most efficient and accurate integration, tracking and reporting. Lastly, Mobile KYC is on the up and coming and will take your compliance process to the next level.

Business Technologies


We will identify and provide the right match to keep you ahead of the game.

Business Platforms

Which business platforms suit your business goals? By identifying your business needs through an initial consultation, we will suggest the best platform solutions from our trusted list of providers.

Online Cashiers

What is the right POS system for your business? By analyzing both your vertical(s) and market reach, we can supply you with a cost-effective solution.

Payment Gateways

Which merchant service best serves your market and service or product? We will define the best e-commerce application provider for your business activity.

CRM Tools

What is the right Customer Relationship Management tool for your operations? Our list of CRM partners will ensure pristine customer interaction and retention, ultimately driving your sales growth.



We have 20+ years experience in payment solutions, fintech and overall technology and financial solutions set to provide your business with the right offerings that meet your bottom line.

Our partners include: Acquiring Banks, Digital Banks, PSPs, EMIs, KYC Verification Tools, Payment Cashiers and various other technological platforms.

Credit Cards

Working with our trusted payment solution providers, we can give your business access to the use of Visa, MC, AMEX, JCB, Discover, CUP, Diners and Maestro for your client transactions.

Bank/Wire Transfer

Taking it back to basics, we can assist your business with C2B, B2B or B2C transactions. Using both the traditional SEPA and SWIFT payments options, your payment gateway will remain functional and secure.

Alternative Payment Solutions

If traditional payment methods are not applicable in your business operations, we can provide you the solution of local methods in Europe, Latin America and South East Asia. Methods include: PoliPay, GiroPay, IDEAL, TRUSTLY, Boleto, SOFORT and various cryptocurrencies among others.

Service that guarantees
positive results

Pursuing your growth while making your business processes both seamless and efficient is our number one goal when it comes to the crucial financial decisions you must decide on to thrive. We want to help you connect and build trusting relationships in an ever-growing world of uncertainty, giving you energy to focus on what you do best - your business.

The PayMatch team travels year round to attend the most cutting-edge conferences and events in the financial and technological sectors, placing a focused importance on meeting our clients and providers face-to-face. We pride ourselves on our transparent approach to business, which is why we continue to serve both our clients and providers in a seamless manner that guarantees positive results.


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